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My Horns Added To:

I’m very excited to announce a new personal project that I have begun to undertake, which I am entitling “My Horns Added To:” If you look in my ‘Sound Clips’ under my ‘Music’ header of this website, you will now find 8 new tracks that I have recently uploaded there—which all begin with that same title.


One of the dilemmas I’ve noticed that I often face now when performing, is that my audiences are increasingly just ‘regular people’ whose musical tastes are pretty much in line with whatever mainstream ‘music’ of the day has been determined to be ‘in’; fewer & fewer of them tend to be deeply musically educated—most are not musically inclined themselves, & rarely do I find any that are true music aficionados. But don’t get me wrong; I mean no disrespect here & they are always very polite when listening to me.  But from the expressions on their faces & from their reactions afterwards, I can tell that they often don’t always understand what all I’m doing or what I’m trying to show them…and it seems the more sophisticated or complex that I play—trying to impress them—the less they actually understand or ‘get it’.


So in an effort to try & better reach my audience (& especially that segment of it), I came up with an idea: to play over music that is already familiar to them; tunes that they would have heard at least on the radio—some even thousands of times—played exactly the same way, but now with something new added to them–ME!


But please don’t think that I am trying to pull some sort of advertising gimmick here; my added horn lines are how I’ve heard these tunes anyway in my inner ears for years already…& I have plenty more in mind from where those came from! Technology, for me, is often a double-edged sword; & while I tend to mostly curse at it, it really is because of the incredible advancements in digital technology that I am now quite affordably able to turn my inner ear parts into a reality & then get them to you—right from my own home!


My real goal with my horns is to make it sound like they belonged there—right from the beginning; that the original recordings of these tunes coulda & maybe even shoulda been recorded with them that way.  The songs that I used & will use are all great tunes already to begin with. My intent here is to only enhance them even further—to add value; another layer of musical sophistication to them.


And I just knew that I was on to a really good idea here, as I’ve even noticed my own very young children often singing along to MY HORN LINES when we’re riding in the car together & listening to these tunes (!!)–& they also tend to speak up whenever we hear the original (hornless) versions of them on the radio, as they apparently miss & prefer MY horn parts!


Here’s hoping that you might also give ‘My Added Horns’ a chance listen to…

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