Site Credits & Thank You’s


1)     Website Architect–-John Packes of Mostly Liquid

2)     Computer Expertise & Recording Advisor—Dino Covelli of Mad Machinery

3)     8/24/09 Photo Shoot—Joseph Squillante of Silver Ink Photography

4)     Site Locations:

a)     Kensico Dam—DEP & Westchester County Police Depts

b)     Susan Lawrence Catering & Gourmet Foods—Chappaqua NY

c)      Stone Barns—Rockefeller Estate Preserve, Pocantico Hills NY

d)     Tarrytown Music Hall Marque—Sleepy Hollow NY

5)     Miscellanious Photos:

a)     Hudson Valley Renegades (minor league baseball) Jumbo-tron 7/8/09—Christina Kraker

b)     The Cuff Links live & in action circa 2001—Cheryl Prescuer

c)     The Spitzbuam live & in action; Tropical Night @ Kolping on Hudson 7/24/10–Lucy Blume

d)     Peter on the Trombone at Bear Mtn 10/4/09–Paul Cunningham of the Image Maker Photography


6)     Sound Clips:

a)     The Spitzbuam “Sechs Bier und Rockin’ Um-pah”—Fred Huber

b)     Soundbridge at the Wainwright House—Yuko Uchida

c)     The Cuff Links demo recordings—Michael “Valentine” Ubriaco

d)     Christmas tune(posted seasonally only) & all the Cuff Links sound clips, recorded at

Rose Hill Music,Thornwood NY—Joe & Adam Colangelo engineers


7)    Video Clips:

a)     Morceau Vivant–filmed & produced by Walter Wedler

b)    Renegades National Anthem & God Bless America–filmed by Milagros Soto

c)     Glen Eden–filmed by Genya Friedel

d)    A Trumpeter’s Lullaby–filmed by my wife Lucy Blume


9)    Instruments:

a)     Trumpet—Getzen Capri II (gold plated)—my ‘workhorse’

b)     Trumpet—Getzen  Eterna 700 series (silver plated)—my  ‘showhorse’

* Trumpet Mouthpiece–Bach 3C

c)     Flugelhorn—Yamaha

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