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Squillante_MG_2676 Peter J Blume is a dynamic horn player that brings over 30 years of professional experience to the performing arts. More than just possessing an academic foundation in Classical training & a background in serious Jazz study, Peter has a working knowledge of performing as a soloist, participating in an ensemble setting, & as an integral member of a tight horn section backing the likes of say a Rock band.


Having such heroes as Wynton Marsalis & Michael Brecker, Peter understands the importance of playing from an authentic voice in whatever genre of music he is performing. Thus, he has cultivated a beautiful Classical tone & technique, but is able to quickly switch gears when playing Jazz–& not merely sounding like a Classical player trying to play Jazz, or merely trying to make something sound ‘jazzy’.  Similarly, Peter is able to play affectively from a rock, pop, & blues ‘head‘ without overplaying, as sometimes too much musical knowledge can also get in the way.


Peter is a very well rounded player—having seriously worked on the multi-aspects of his ‘game’. He is capable of learning horn parts quickly & establishing them as his own; he can play both high notes & low notes equally as strong, & he can improvise. Having such heroes as Jimmy Pankow (of Chicago) & Jerry Hey (session arranger of horns & strings), Peter also enjoys writing & arranging music—especially when involving horn sections. His ever-listening inner ear is constantly working at coming up with new ideas for adding lines, even to already established tunes—that might not even have horns on them to begin with!


Peter also has incredible performing ‘chops’ & stamina—having played on many gigs that have lasted over 4 hours, some as much as 7 hours! He understands the importance of being a showman & entertaining during his performances—but never at the expense of the actual music.  He is relentlessly professional in his pursuit of perfectionism, but is still easy to work with & a team player.


Peter also enjoys teaching music to those who are eager to learn & who are willing to put in the necessary effort. And he also maintains a personally humble attitude towards his own musical quest, knowing that he also stands to still learn a lot from others who are more experienced in the music field.


Peter J Blume adds immense value to any and every musical setting that he is a part of, with his charismatic passion for the trumpet & music, & with his love of performing.

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